Not Clear To Bernanke That Stock Prices Are Wildly Overvalued

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke chimes in today with more of his typical silliness.

Bernanke in a Fog Again

[ZH: Nope, nothing to see here...]

It was not clear to Bernanke in 2007 that there was a raging housing bubble either.

In fact, he denied there was one.

Why Are We Still Listening to This Guy?

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In the above link Bernanke says that forwards guidance won't work if the neutral rate is below 2%. Amusingly, his solution is to raise forward guidance.

100% Proven Track Record

Ben Bernanke has a 100% track record of denying bubbles. 

Moreover, even in retrospect, he cannot and will not self-assess. 

He will not admit that absurd Fed policies helped span the dot-com bubble and 100% created the housing bubble.